Company Information

President: Ole Juul Conradsen
Director: Wojciech Adamski

NIP: 583-281-89-37, KRS: 0000155547, REGON 192892570
Share capital: PLN 50 000 (paid-up in full)

Quality Management System:

Environment protection-waste management:
Waste management plan approved by the Pomeranian Governor.

- IBDIM – in the sphere of design, supervision and execution of anticorrosion work on steel bridge structures
- NORSOK M501 rev 5 quality certificate for off-shore works execution

Technologies applied:
- all type and equipment abrasive blast cleaning
- high pressure water cleaning (up to 1000 bar)
- chemical and thermal degreasing
- mechanical cleaning
- hand painting
- air sprayed painting
- airless spray painting (up to 600 mic per layer)
- anti-skid application
- spray metallisation (Zn, Al)

2013 Steel Protection